What Does It Mean to Get Connected?

We believe at Coaling Baptist that the best way to be connected is to be an active member of the church who knows God, loves people, and serves others.

Know God

There is nothing we want more at Coaling Baptist than for people to know the God of this universe. Each Sunday, you will hear a Christ-centered message from Scripture that challenges and encourages you. We believe that God is revealing the beautiful story and meaning for our lives and our church. We pray you will be woven into this story. Visit the Know God page to for tools and resources on cultivating your relationship with God.

Love People

We know that we live in a chaotic world where most people feel disconnected and isolated. We believe that carrying each other’s burdens, developing deep authentic relationships with one another and genuinely listening to one another is the best way to live. One of the best ways of building these relationships is through our small groups. We have small groups that meet on our campus. Our small groups are the best way our people are cared for and care for others.

Serve Others

We encourage all our guests, regular attendees and members to serve with us. Serving alongside others within the faith family is a great way to meet others and build genuine relationships. Whether it is teaching our preschoolers or greeting guests on Sunday mornings, serving our community through outreach projects and Defend the Orphan Ministry or going on short-term mission trips across the world, there is a place for you to serve.


The primary ways to connect with Coaling Baptist is by becoming a participating member who knows God, loves people and serves others.