One of the ways of connecting with the faith family of Coaling Baptist is to serve. Our desire is to help you discover your gifts, passions and talents and equip you to use them in the church, community and world. If you have been led to call Coaling Baptist your faith family, we believe serving others is an essential aspect of the Christian life. There are so many ways to serve the church so ask God to guide you to the ministry where you can serve best. If you try something new and it is not a fit, we will work with you to find God’s design for you.


Prayer Ministry

At Coaling Baptist, we believe that prayer is the most important thing on which we base of our ministry. The mistake often made in life is turning to prayer as a last resort. Prayer, in fact, should be the preamble to any important activity in our personal lives or in our ministry upon this earth. It is this fervor which we approach prayer and the ministry of our church. Without it, we would surely falter as individuals and also as family of faith. We urge you to make prayer a part of your daily walk with God.

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting

At Coaling Baptist, we support and lift up our family, friends, and community through two different prayer ministries. The first of these prayer ministries meets every Wednesday night from 6:00-6:30 PM before the Renew worship time. During this time we take prayer requests for general needs, health concerns, etc.

Spiritual Concerns Prayer Time

The second prayer ministry we offer at Coaling Baptist is completely devoted to spiritual concerns. Those who attend this meeting share the concerns that God has laid on their hearts for either lost individuals or for other fallen Christians who are in the “far country” (Luke 15:13). Because of its personal nature, this prayer meeting is a time for people to open up to one another and really share their burdens with other Christians who will all, in turn, take on these burdens during their own personal prayer times. Before the end of each meeting there is a time of small group prayer for everyone who is listed on the prayer list. Please consider attending our weekly spiritual concerns prayer time from 5:00-6:00 PM on Wednesday nights in the Adult III Connections room behind the Sanctuary.


Missions is a lifestyle rather than a one-time event. We seek to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ in our neighborhoods, schools, workplaces and community. We know that we will be a great church only by seeking to create a great community. That is why Jeremiah 29:5-8 tells us to “seek the good of the city.”